Emily Ratajkowski Next Level Sex Appeal

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elliot-wolf - February 25, 2018

Emily Ratajkowski has won my heart with her new look. I’m pretty sure there’s a proper name for the kind of clothes she’s wearing but to me it looks like cowboy boots and a night gown. It’s almost like being ready to sleep and ready to ride a horse at the same time. Emily is always prepared. I just hope she’s prepared to meet a man like me. Because I too also enjoy comfortable sleeping attire and horseback. When we have that much in common it’s almost like we are soulmates and meant to be. It’s destiny and that’s something you can’t fight.

Emily’s last name doesn’t really roll off the tongue but I plan on changing that once we get hitched. I wonder what type of wedding would a professional model prefer. Maybe we could turn the walk down the aisle into a fashionable strut along the runway. I’d have on my Sunday’s best and she could wear a stylish wedding dress suggested by the elite Anna Wintour. I can just envision the fantastic time everyone in attendance would have. I know life isn't about winning or losing but waking up everyday next to Emily would almost certainly be considered a win. At least in my book.

Photo Credit: Splash News