Emily Ratajkowski Insta Booty Shake In Super Revealing Bikini

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earl-jonas - November 9, 2017


Emily Ratajkowski could look hot while using a gas station restroom - in fact I'm sure some of you would pay good money to see that - so it's no surprise that she's sextastic and a half while shaking her tight body poolside in tiny bikini bottoms and a strapless top. Ratakjowski appears as effortlessly cool as ever while looking into othe camera with that mix of playfulness and seductiveness that truly drives men wild. At least this man. The modeling sensation manages to somehow be insanely fit while also having one hell of a juicy booty and, of course, melons that at this point I would call infamous. Throw in the fact that she seems most comfortable when covering her chalupa with a square inch of fabric, and you have a curvilicious bodytastic breast-o-rama babe who cannot be beat. If you don't think Emily Ratajkowski is the hottest thing around these days, you better make a good case for yourself in the comments below.  




Photo Credit: Instagram