Emily Ratajkowski in Undies for Nasty Gal

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bill-swift - August 13, 2013

You know I know how much you know I lust for anything and all things Emily Ratajkowski. Including most definitely another round of Emily in her skivvies for the Nasty Gal online women's shmata sellers extraordinaire. The photos themselves are a little post-produced for catalog effect, but there's no ignoring Emily's sextastic ever shining through. As if that would be something you'd want to ignore.

Emily Ratajkowski has pretty much owned my heart since arriving on the modeling scene and, yes, okay, taking off most to all of her clothes. Simply a stunning woman, though not like my grandma uses the word 'stunning' to describe Melissa McCarthy, more like stunning the way a man says it to sound politically correct when 'effin' hot' is simply not appropriate. Enjoy.