Emily Ratajkowski Desperately Sextastic in Lingerie

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bill-swift - August 19, 2014

Emily Ratajkowskiis desperately hot in just about anything, or definitely so in nothing at all. It's nice to see her extending her zone of sextastic to include lingerie pics, such as this shoot for Yamamay lingerie wherein her specific bodily talents are put to solid use pimping the bras and panties I would most definitely by if I got the ones worn previously by the model. Oh, the sounds of sniffing that would come from my abode for 72 consecutive hours until I gently passed out with a smile.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of those treasured finds who gives you an initial rush when you discover her, and then it only gets better from there. She is not even close to slowing down. We can only hope her new found fame, and whatever celebrity boyfriend she soon acquires, does not shirk her from her core responsibility for nekkid hot modeling. That was the gift given to her from on high. Do not forsake your core talent or the seas will rise and the mountains will turn into valleys or something ominous like that. Enjoy.