Emily Ratajkowski Cut Out Dress For Target Party

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michael-garcia - September 8, 2016

The incomparable Emily Ratajkowski wore a showy cut out dress at a party for Target. I've never known a woman, rich or poor, who didn't love friggin' Target. I saw Beyonce at a Target once in Houston, so you know it is like catnip to the ladies. Emily's dress was missing the panel on either side that covers the thigh and hip. She also wasn't wearing panties. So you see a bit of butt and a little bit of her hip heading towards her hoo-ha. Not to mention some excellent sideboob action from the top. Emily is best known for her world famous ta-tas. But she's the entire package. Her booty is great, her midriff is spectacular, plus she's got a truly beautiful face. It doesn't matter what Emily wears, she's always hot as F.

I prefer her with nothing at all but alas there are these things called public decency laws and she can't go to a party buck ass naked. Friggin' government.  


Photo Credit: Splash

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