Emily Ratajkowski Cleavetastic Black Dress at Rihanna’s 3rd Annual Diamond Ball

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bill-swift - September 15, 2017

You can't go to Rihanna's ball wearing just any old thing. Even Cinderella would know enough to slip into something sextastic for attention, especially if she had a body deluxe like Emily Ratajkowski

Emily shared a peek at her deep especially fulfilling funbags for the New York Fashion Week based event because the basis of all high fashion is cleavage. It'a almost like the male of the species invented it and left it to flourish among the more lovely gender. And it worked. 

Emily's famous for her body in Tinsel Town, despite her insistence it drives her crazy. Not that I don't believe her on that front. Her body is driving me crazy as well. That is front and back. Showing up to a stellar decked out Manhattan event requires a skin showing of teat-tastic proportions. Love it or not, nobody hides their best assets. It's unholy. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid