Emily Ratajkowski Braless Thingamajig in London

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bill-swift - July 3, 2017

Emily Ratajkowski wore some kind of denim revealing thing around London with clearly no bra and her funbags barely concealed beneath. So we'll call this the barely almost perfect British candid snap of the hot bodied Hollywood vixen who seems to be lauded entirely for her heavenly body, as is appropriate.

Emily's job is to look amazing and make men and Sapphic leaning women salivate over her fine female form. Job accomplished and then some. And constantly. Emily's got the kind of slender curves that make a man do stupid things, then explain to his buddies who all basically understand.

If only the winds in England picked up another sixty knots and knocked that top of Emily. Who doesn't miss her bare sweat teats on camera? That's not a question you need to answer if you're hanging in these parts. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Backgrid