Emily Ratajkowski Areola Fun If You Care

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Sam Robeson - March 6, 2018

Emily Ratajkowski's career highlights include catfishing douchebags onto a semi-deserted island in the Bahamas for the fake Fyre Festival and advocating date rape alongside Robin Thicke in his music video for Blurred Lines, so we already know that she's down to have a good time. But the facts that she's as in love with her huge tits as we are and that her only major political stance has been that women should show their tits more often make her even more likable.

In order for Ratajkowski to outdo her previous nudity she would have to film herself getting a pap smear, but her shameless fame ho Instagram shots will never get old. Well, until she does. For now her boobs are highly motorboatable, and in this most recent nude-ish pic, we get a hint of nip visible through Emily's go-to fashion statement - the hand bra. I don't really care that Emily recently got married because I don't think I had much of a shot with her, but I would have cared if her nups got in the way of her nips. But if she didn't show her tits she wouldn't have a career, so here we are. Thank God.

Head HERE for the NSFW-ish pic

Photo Credit: Instagram

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