Elsa Hosk’s Million Dollar Diamond Cleavage In VS Fantasy Bra

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aldo-vallon - November 8, 2018

There is so much teasing going on with this bra that it is starting to drive me bonkers. I believed my first girlfriend when she tried telling me that delaying gratification would make it all the more satisfying, but I won’t believe Victoria’s Secret now. They can’t fool this smut peddler for a second time.

Did VS really think we needed to know in advance that Elsa Hosk would be given this honor? Like we needed time to prepare our minds for such a sight. Do they think we are all as radically emotional as the city of Philadelphia after a championship win? It isn’t like we would raze the city to the ground over a few sexy pictures.

And now that the picture is here I am wondering what all the fuss was about. It’s just a diamond bra being worn by one of the sexiest women ever to have lived. I can’t even make out any nippage. If I wanted to look at a beautiful woman not be naked I’d go to…well, I guess I would go to Victoria’s Secret.

Who knew diamonds would be so effective at pixelating nudity? News broadcasters should look into this sort of technology. They might find it beneficial.


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Photo Credit: MEGA / Splash News