Elsa Hosk Hot White Bikini Posing at Eden Roc

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bill-swift - May 24, 2017

You know you're dealing with a world class bikini and lingerie model when you can't tell if they're posing for photos or just naturally so sextastic, their body forms alluring preening position even when simply on vacation. That would be Elsa Hosk in a nutshell. Though I'd prefer her in my cabana. I'm trying.

The Victoria's Secret Swedish uber blonde hottie took to the famed Eden Roc hotel pool outside of Cannes for a little white bikini strut. If you got it, flaunt it. If men are passing out along your path, you're doing it right. This is why I carry my adrenaline needles with my everywhere. One big one in the heart as needed to maintain undivided attention on the fine female form of Elsa Hosk. That tush. Wow. Here comes the needle! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News