Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill And Martha Hunt Go Sheer During Photoshoot

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016

Hottie trio Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill, and Martha Hunt all decided to go sheer up top during a photoshoot. Probably the decision was made by the photographer and whoever that is deserves a raise. We start out with blond bombshell Elsa Hosk whose sheer shirt gave us a peek at her lovely jubblies. Elsa has got a pair of hooters on her that make a man want to write an epic sonnet about them. I'll do it on my lunch break and get back to you. Then you have the lovely Taylor Hill who gives us a full look at her bra through her shirt. She looks like she's down to party. Not that I would know what to say to someone who looked like Taylor if we met in person. I'd probably just smile like an idiot and pretend to tie my shoes. Then there is sexy Martha with her see-through top and bra combo. Martha looks very confident to have her hooters showing. Confidence is sexy.

I like this new trend of everything being sheer. Clothes shouldn't occlude the goodies underneath but rather enhance them. 


Photo Credit: Splash