Elsa Hosk Naughty Halloween Costumes, It’s a Thing Alright

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bill-swift - July 17, 2015

One could ask, why is Elsa Hosk, the richly hot Swedish angel, showing off in the middle of July in Halloween costumes. But who has the time to ask questions when this striking young blonde is posing in little bits of cosplay magic designed solely to fuel the imagination that lies below the belt. Yes, it's time to fly into the danger zone with Elsa.

Check out that time Elsa Hosk had no clothes on for Lui. That times was last week. Did you miss it? (NSFW)

When you're as ridiculously hot as Elsa Hosk, you could wear grandma's girdle and look just amazing. But when she starts getting into little bits of sheer panties and cute costumery, it's time to check the batteries on your pacemaker and tell the world you need some alone time to collect you thoughts. Crank up the Leppard, this is going to get crazy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret