Elsa Hosk Is Burning Instagram To The Ground With These Smoldering Bikini Shots

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aldo-vallon - January 17, 2018

 It is a good thing that Elsa Hosk decided to wear that gold belt of hers with a swimsuit rather than a regular pair of slacks. I cannot begin to imagine the headache of a task that must be trying to fit those knickknacks through each belt loop. What is the point of even having a belt that cannot hold your pants up?

I guess I am too utilitarian to be a proper fashion critic. To me that belt looks like a glorified charm bracelet, which I happen to think are the most pointless of all jewelry. They don't look good, and they don't go well with anything. In what occasion are you supposed to wear a charm bracelet, when you're trying to assassinate Austin Powers? To make matters worse it looks like it was hit by a growth ray and has now grown to an absurd proportion. 

But like I said, at least she is wearing it with a swimsuit. Nearly everything looks better in a swimsuit, and those few things that don't will easily be drowned out by the presence of boobs and ass. If she had worn that belt with a sweater  and long denim skirt it really would have been a fashion faux pas.  


Photo Credit: Instagram

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