Elsa Hosk In A Tiny Bikini Is The Hottest Thing On Two Legs

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aldo-vallon - August 7, 2018

I am fairly certain that Elsa Hosk is the name that Elon Musk’s alter ego goes by in a parallel dimension. For all I know this Elsa Hosk is that alter ego and our worlds are crossing over. If this is true, then the ramifications could be extremely dire, but I am not sure how to remedy the situation.

I certainly do not want to live in a world without either Elsa or Elon. Their beautiful faces get me through the darkest days. And I am certainly not qualified to decide which one would get to stay. That would be a harder choice than the one Sophie had to make.

How am I even supposed to know which one rightfully belongs to this world? If only we all got a marking when we were born that said which world we belonged to. Then it would be easy enough to ship the undocumented dimension traveler back to Earth 69, or wherever it is they came from.

If I found out that Elsa was the one to be tactically removed, I hope I would have the strength to follow through with my responsibilities for the survival of the planet, and not keep her sheltered in my apartment. She looks like she’d be expensive, and I cannot even afford a dog.


Photo Credit: Instagram