Elsa Hosk Crazy Bedroom Hot for Victoria’s Secret

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bill-swift - February 2, 2017

Sometimes I look at super beautiful women barely dressed and I begin to weep like a small girl child. It's autonomic I believe. I can't control it. From my retinal cones to my medulla oblongata direct to my lachrymal glands. There might be one more anatomical stop along the way. Elsa Hosk is one of those hot Nordic princesses that stokes this reflexive fire slash fire sprinkler inside of me. I stare at her and I'm simply overwhelmed. I'm glad we had this time to share. No, I don't want to hear yours.

Elsa Hosk scored big when she became a Victoria's Secret Angel. V.S. scored even bigger. This slender blonde hottie has that unfathomable "it" factor that makes you want to cold shower "it" before you hurt yourself. Seeing this Swedish treat in little bits of lacy undergarments is something akin to a religious experience. Surely there is a power of great majesty at work here. I'd like to take it down a few rungs of the nobility chain and simply help Elsa out of her skivvies and into my dreams. I'm inspired. And now, crying again. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Victoria's Secret