Elsa Hosk Beyond Perfect 10 Once Again

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aldo-vallon - December 11, 2018

Does Elsa Hosk incorporate a reverse hibernation into her lifestyle? Because there was a dangerously low amount of Elsa in my life this past summer, but now it feels like every time I open up my browser there is another picture of this gorgeous girl being published.

To be clear, I will back this type of exposure one hundred percent. During the summer there is a surplus of sexy sweeties that are looking to make the most of the summer months by getting a year’s worth of photos into a three month span. There are so many that it is impossible to get through them all so some end up being wasted like those vegetables in my fridge I swore I was going to eat this time.

But what that summer surplus means is that those same women hunker down in their homes when it starts to get nippy outside. And that is where Elsa Hosk comes. While her peers are trying to heal their skin from the ten years of sun-aging that they just went through, she is making sure that the rest of us are getting our recommended daily dose of vitamin-V.



Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA / Getty Images 

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