Elsa And Lily Fit Sporty Modeling

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michael-garcia - September 20, 2016

Victoria's Secret Angels Elsa Hosk and Lily Aldridge got nice and sweaty in some tasty workout gear. My favorite part of going to the gym, (the only part I like about going to the gym), is seeing all the hotties in their tight workout clothes sweating and grunting away. But there aren't girls as hot as Elsa and Lily at my gym that's for sure. Swedish blond bombshell elsa Hosk is a dream come true in her tight Spandex and sports bra combos. I love it when blonds get all flushed from a workout. They tend to get that way the most. Not to be outdown, Lily shows how bendy she is in her pictures. The mind boggles at the possibilities. Flexibility is an underrated quality in a woman but I think it's pretty darn important when it comes to sexytime. 

You can always count on Victoria's Secret to deliver the goods. I've been a fan of their catalog since way back in the Heidi Klum days of the 90's. They just keep getting better. 


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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