Ellie Goulding Swimsuit Vacation

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michael-garcia - July 22, 2016

English pop princess Ellie Goulding was spotted on vacation wearing a revealing swimsuit. Ellie has got herself an excellent pair of knockers and they were prominently displayed. The cleavage was palpable. Her ta-tas were almost as big as her giant floppy hat. Women love to wear those to the beach. I don't really get it, sure you block out the sun but you also look kinda dumb. But I digress. Ellie hasn't made a big splash here in the States like she has in the UK but I think that will definitely change if she keeps dressing like this. Also on view was her nice shapely booty. The English are known for having flat butts but her junk is definitely in her trunk. 

She should try a bikini next time. Swimsuits are great and all but those hooters in a tiny bikini would be truly spectacular. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet