Ellie Goulding Revealing Spandex For Shape

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bill-swift - November 17, 2015

Ellie Goulding isn't your outrageously exhibitionist pop star, but she's leaning there ever so sextastically and revealingly of late. It's simply the nature of the current playing field in music for the teens and prurient peeking men. You have to show off a hot body or you're not invited to the party. Which, by the way, makes for the best parties ever.

In Shape magazine this month Ellie shows off a little bit of her own recent workout regimen, getting her swell blonde hottie body into revealing Spandex shape. And that she has. Not a waifish thin girl, but an all there there strong amount of fine female form and some funbags she's been showing off ever more of late. We're not far from the Ellie Goulding full reveal. I have a bunion that tingles when these things are on the horizon. It used to forecast the weather, but that was fairly pointless so I had it slightly modified. Ellie, I'm holding my bated breath. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine