Ellen Alexander Displays Her Incredible Body On The Beach

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aldo-vallon - February 14, 2018

I really hope Ellen Alexander is not the daughter of Jason Alexander. I am too afraid to look it up for myself, and do not know if I could live with fapping it to George Costanza’s offspring. There is too much history engrained within that character for me to defile it like that. And all I can think about is how much of a disappointment she is to her possible father for not becoming an architect, or at the very least an importer/exporter.

Actually, now that I have a moment to think about it, I wonder if it is not better that he produced another model for the world to appreciate? Would it not be a good thing for all the balding, stocky men to know that it is possible for their children to be better looking than themselves? I, for one, see that as an inspiration. I no longer need to damn myself to a fate of celibacy for the betterment of mankind. All I need is to be unbelievably wealthy and insanely famous. I have a bit of a late start, but if I start trying now I might be able to outpace my receding hairline.

Photo Credit: Splash News