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aldo-vallon - September 11, 2017

 So often the younger sibling lives out their life in the shadow of their elder that I am happy to see Elle Fanning breaking away. The rest of the Baldwin brothers have not been able to outshine Alec. Joey Lawrence towers over his brothers. And no matter how hard he tries, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will never live up to the legend of his brother Magic Johnson, just do not fact check me on that. Younger siblings need more role models like Elle to show them they are not inferior. Maybe I am biased, being that I am a younger sibling and my brother is a brain surgeon, but I think the point stands regardless of that. For too long have we been thought of as inferior. It is time we prove to the world that we are children that are parents got right. Everyone ends up botching the first pancake anyway and needs to throw it out. What are the first borns if not a big metaphorical pancake anyway? Elle Fanning may be just the catalyst we need in order to get this done. I am going to look into which diploma mills give out ones for brain surgery right now. I could be operating by the end of the month!  


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