Elle Fanning Pretty in Pink, Also, Braless, Which Is Pretty Times Two

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bill-swift - June 27, 2016

Elle Fanning will probably never lose her instinct for innocence. More of a hippy chick than an exhibitionist type. Yet, being eighteen and blonde and famous in Tinsel Town does impress upon a young woman the need to dress somewhat paparazzi worthy. Thus we feast peeps upon the slender dancing and thespianic Elle in a pink summer dress without the use of any undergarments, well up top at least, you can imagine yourself the rest.

Elle isn't exactly stacked, nor would she likely ever do much about that, the lithesome beauty is rather unique in Hollywood for her continuing amounts of work despite her waifish frame. It's just possible she's getting jobs based entirely on talent, which would be a truly novel thing in this town. Either way, I'd welcome her to my casting sessions. They are always mandatory braless. I play the role of the horny man who lives on the hill alone in his small castle. All the hopeful actresses play the role of nurse maid who must provide sponge bathes while I cackle. The sessions get pretty raw with emotion. Especially when they find out there is no actual movie. I'm a work in progress. Elle, you're complete. And sweetly hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews