Elle Fanning Is Naughty ‘Kill Bill’ Nurse For Halloween

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bill-swift - November 2, 2017

Elle Fanning doesn't typically buy into the whole Hollywood exhibitionist siren thing. But Halloween is a draw for photo ops of the revealing variety that no woman in this town can really resist. You simply can't go out in a sweater and sweats. This is the time even the kitschy hippy chick Elle Fanning gets into naughty nurse costumes.

Elle did her homages of Elle Driver from the Kill Bill movies series. Assassin nurse with not all her body parts intact. Though of course Elle Fanning's body parts are all there, intact, and wreaking havoc on the innate sensibilities of the gentleman ogler.

Elle eschews the crazy curves, but her lithesome blond goodness in revealing nursing costume is certain to put you in the holiday spirt. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Kill Bill (Vol 1)