Elle Fanning Goes Orange Sports Bra for Blonde Post-Gym Peeks

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bill-swift - February 6, 2017

Elle Fanning is dedicated to her workouts. And while the slender blonde thespianic isn't completely oblivious to her toned body and showing it off in sports bras and stretch pants like the rest of working out women in America, she doesn't get as dolled up or made up for her workouts as some other sextastic celebrities. That's an indication she takes her gym time fairly seriously. It's hard to go beast mode worrying about your mascara.

Elle left her gym in an orange sports bra that combined both my favorite fruit with the boobtastic and bare midriff of my favorite young thespianic. Though not so young that I can't note I'd like to watch her yoga and dance workouts with a bucket of popcorn and a privacy blanket. I'm not an animal, any more than the rest of you. Elle Fanning and her freckles are something of a titillation. There, I said it. I wonder how sweaty she can get. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet