Elle Evans Lace Up Bodysuit For Balmain Fashion Show

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bill-swift - March 4, 2016

Elle Evans is famous for two things. Her appearance in the Blurred Lines music video sans top and her currently dating Kate Hudson's ex Matt Bellamy. I can tell you which I care more about. I can also tell you she's now going to be famous for three things. As in this lace-up body suit she wore to the Balimain Fashion Show and caught everybody's attention.

As if skin tight body suit wasn't enough, why not add some laces up the side any good man is already engineering a plan to un-lace as we speak. Elle Evans isn't just a sextastic model. She's a model with a plan to get noticed, which makes her both dangerous and awesome. Don't try this body suit at home if you don't feel up to it or don't resemble Elle in terms of ridiculously fine female form. The results could be disastrous. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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