Nothing Gets in Ella Ross’ Way, ‘Cause She’s Livin’ It Every Day!

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brian-mcgee - October 9, 2017

"Ella Ross seen wearing Black PVC pants was seen leaving a private party also attended by her Ex Scott Disick and new girlfriend Sofia Richie at 'Catch' Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA"

Here's the thing you've got to know about Ella Ross. She lets nothing get in her way, 'cause she's livin' it every day. If she wants to wear PVC pants and go out to a private party that her ex and his new girl are gonna be at, she's gonna do it. Don't tell her what she can't do!

I love listening to this Richard Simmons tune because it's smooth as all get out and it's got some great lifestyle tips and workout instructions in the lyrics. I would encourage you to work out along with Richard as you check out these pics of Ella Ross. I'm more than willing to bet you're considering one form of "exercise" at the moment, so why not put your back into it and get some actual exercise, rather than just working out your arm again. But you can always come back and take care of that later when Richard Simmons isn't singing. It'll be much easier then.

Photo Credit: Splash News, Instagram