Elizabeth Turner Guess Pimping Time

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bill-swift - May 15, 2017

Okay, this one's a bit fashion-y, but the sight of the face of Guess, Elizabeth Turner, showing off the body of Guess, well it was too much not to share what your dream prom date might've looked like grown up a couple years and in form fitting clothing. Not my prom date specifically, who I can't talk about without a visit to my shrink.

Elizabeth Turner and her ridiculously hot blonde sextastic were the perfect choice for Guess or any of these brands which produce essentially the exact same clothing to sell to young women who can't buy enough. It's a burden men shall, or should not, ever know to be precise. But we're glad the hot bodied ladies carry such a toll. How else to see the cleavetastic and slender goodness peaks of this alluring model? Elizabeth, call me. We can rip those floor samples from your body and get down to some more intensive modeling positions. I'm drawing them right now. Nobody shake my


Photo Credit: Guess