Elizabeth Hurley Posts A Perky Bikini Cleavage Selfie

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elliot-wolf - May 4, 2018

Elizabeth Hurley has me going in circles like an excited dog chasing its tail. I’m over-joyous knowing that I share a planet with her. It would be even better if we shared a town, and eventually a house, but I’m working on making that happen. Just like she’s worked on making her flawless body happen. The upkeep on it must be expensive because she looks like a million bucks. I consider my body to be a work in progress and I’m willing to be her project that she can whip me back into shape. Working out together would create an amazing bond. Then she could show me off the same way I would show her off.

I know it’s wrong to imagine having a terminal illness when you don’t but if I ever was granted one wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation it would be to have one date with her. Elizabeth is all I ever wanted and more than enough for me to die a happy man. I hope Hurley is into men like myself. I may not be the coolest and drink expensive coffee while dressing like a lumberjack but I have experience when it comes to treating a woman right. If she’s okay with second hand flannels and instant Foldgers than we would be smooth sailing as a couple.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Splash News