Elizabeth Hurley Looking Fresh

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aldo-vallon - October 25, 2017

I have not seen Elizabeth Hurley in some time and given her present appearance I am forced to assume that her leave of absence was due to a brief stay in a cryogenic freezer. She was in Austin Powers after all, so she is probably an expert in that sort of technology. I do not see a more plausible explanation than that for her current look. I know women in their twenties that look older than her. I know them, but I do not like to think about them. I take no pleasure in pointing out that a woman twice their age could be mistaken for their sister. And I certainly would not admit that I would rather be with that mistaken sister. I may not be the most polite of men, but even I can see how that could be taken the wrong way. All that would mean is that I would rather spend time with a woman in her fifties than with them. That does not necessarily reflect poorly on them. Right?   

Photo Credit: Instagram