Elizabeth Gillies Stuns in Her Halloween Costume

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aldo-vallon - October 31, 2017

 I have seen my fair share of low effort costumes in my time on this earth. There have been women dressed as cats and bunnies where the only discernible detail were a pair of ears on the tops of their heads. There were half naked men who claimed to be Tarzan. But this one may take the cake for originality. I think it is clear to all of us that she is dressed up as an ostrich. I mean, with those legs and that feathered butt I think it is the only thing that makes any sense. I suppose the case can be made that she is depicting an albino emu as well, but I think that is just splitting hairs at this point.

If there was still any doubt in your mind then get a look at the two crow she is holding. They can only aide in the fowl motif she is presenting. It is not as if she could hold onto a cat, or something like that, because the two would be natural enemies. The cat would try to kill her the first chance it got. I have seen it happen a thousand times.