Elisabetta Canalis Goes (Covered) Nekkid In Defense of the Critters

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bill-swift - September 10, 2011

Not sure how many times I've sent PETA an angry letter now reminding their P.R. machine that 'So-and-So Hottie Celebrity' is not really nekkid in their anti-fur campaign if you're blocking all their gloriously fun parts. Nekkid is nekkid. Don't get me wrong, I love fuzzy-haired creatures, and, I super lust the likes of sexy Elisabetta Canalis flashing tons o' skin and sideboob (not to mention sidebutt), but she's not nekkid. Trust me, me and George Clooney know the difference.

So, PETA, keep the foxes and the minks in the scope of your good intentions, but please don't cry 'beaver' unless you really got the goods. Enjoy.