Elisabetta Canalis Debuts Lingerie Line, We Want to Undress Her Lingerie ASAP

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bill-swift - February 1, 2013

We do so dig Elisabetta Canalis and though she's inevitable tied to the long line of Clooney bang-sisters, she will always just be the super hot Italian model we deeply lust and who we are most definitely ogling here on the sight of her lingerie line photos.

Sultry, brunette hotties hold  a special place in our heart, that would be the place closest to our family jewels and millions of years of man-drive evolution. We not only condone the placement of little bits of silky nothings on Elisabetta Canalis, it only fuels our fire to watch the sextastic model from The Boot slowly slink out of them in front of the faux fireplace in our studio apartment. Such is the power of pure, slightly adulterated, lust. Enjoy.