Elisabeth Moss Twerks For Scientology

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Sam Robeson - April 20, 2018


When Scientologists are around normal people they appear to feel an overwhelming need to be quirky and charming to the point that they seem like they're having a mental break. Tom Cruise really hit that strategy out of the park in 2005 when he celebrated his friendship with his enslaved beard Katie Holmes by jumping on a couch in front of an old gross overrated talk show host. Well now it's Hubbard fucker Elisabeth Moss' turn to make people uncomfortable, this time by Scientology twerking in front of another old gross overrated talk show host. Don't mess with a sure-fire hit formula I guess.

Finding out that someone is a Scientologist feels kind of like finding out that someone doesn't drink. You thought you knew them, but then you realize that they're a fucking freak, and they only make things worse by trying to hang out and act like a normal person.You're going to pretend to have fun at a bar while drinking a Coke Zero? Go fuck yourself. Moss' overeager twerking is Scientology recruitment - telling the kids that you can be brainwashed and still be the life of the party. Anyway, I'm assuming everyone's going to need some jackoff material this weekend, so I went ahead and made this into a gif for your pleasure. Sorry to make you rock hard at work.


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