Elisabeth Moss Bikini Photos A Rare Italian Peggy Olson Ta-Ta Sighting

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bill-swift - September 6, 2014

I know many a person who has a crush on Elisabeth Moss. If not before Mad Men where's she the unconventional looking, sexually progressive for the 60's office hookup, then certainly after the last six seasons or so. While Elisabeth is one of the more daring thespianics in Hollywood, willing to remove clothing for roles, we rarely get to see her mostly uncovered in public viewings, or as public as a balcony in Capri offers you while on a sunbathing European holiday.

We love seeing all of our favorite actresses reveling in their own bikini fun time, even the more publicly modest and not often thought of lovelies. Elisabeth Moss is not for everybody, but she is for a lot of somebodies, and in her pink bikini, I imagine that latter number is only rising. Enjoy.