Elisabeth Erm Sheer Tatas For Vogue Mexico

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bill-swift - February 3, 2016

A little lust and love for Estonian women if you please. A most underrated contributor nation to the world of supermodels, more often than not blonde and statuesque and more than happy to share their blessed wonderments in photos.

Elisabeth Erm is fast rising in the hottie models of real clothing circuit, by way of showing off in some sheer little bras and the such on the pages of Vogue Mexico. There is no time in this busy for being demure or shy. Not when the lights go up. And Elisabeth Erm has so much wonderful wares to share with the lights on. I can only imagine what she's like with the lights off. In fact, I'm imagining it now. Consider yourself on the Egotastic radar, Elisbeth, and not just because you've been so kind as to simplify your last name. But that does help as well. Super hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue Mexico

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