Elena Satine Black Bosomy Bikini In St. Bart’s

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bill-swift - December 29, 2015

I fell rather deeply in lust with Elena Satine during her brief but memorable mammarial run on Magic City, a show whose cancellation was rather disappointing in the very least for the kinky topless parts. They were noteworthy.

Hot Link: Jessica Marais and Elena Satine splendid topless in Magic City (EgotasticAllstars)

Now a chance for the professional gentleman ogler to again witness the heaving bosom of Elena this time quite candidly and peek-a-boo style on the beach in St. Bart's having one stellar Christmas vacation and sharing her bosom bounty with onlookers. The bikini itself seems unnecessarily complicated but so long as Elena's terrific funbags make their appearance, I can abide the follies of fashion. She really has quite the epic pair of flotation devices. I can't believe I'm sitting in a cold office at moment when I should be down in St. Bart's being challenged to a duel by her man over her mams. I'd rather die in the cause of lust  than live on forever eating stale beef jerky for breakfast without the chance to motorboat Elena Satine. Sorry, I borrowed that line from Shakespeare. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews