Eiza Gonzalez Ridiculously Hard Nips On Her Movie Set

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aldo-vallon - April 3, 2018

Someone had better put a jump rope in Eiza’s hands immediately, or else this is going to go down as one of history’s great missed opportunities. How often does she let her girls run free like that? It is bordering on almost reckless treatment. The t-shirt is bad enough, but the stomach of it is so loose there is hardly anything keeping them contained. If these were actual children then there would have already been half a dozen phone calls to whichever government department handles this sort of thing.

How can this be considered appropriate work attire when my own employer will not even allow me to wear flip-flops? (Yeah, Ron, I understand I have to meet with clients, but don’t you think it is good for them to see how laid back our company is? Stress free people make fewer mistakes. That’s a fact.) Maybe I should wear a shirt like this one day. My boss will either consider it to be worse than flip-flops, making them look better by comparison, or he will like it and I will have a comfy new shirt to wear. I cannot see how this could possibly go wrong.


Photo Credit: Splash News