Eiza Gonzalez, Master of the Outrageously Sexy Bikini Selfie

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rusty-mattis - October 18, 2018

Growing up in the 90s, I was a fan of From Dusk Til Dawn. It wasn't the greatest cinematic achievement, not the biggest awards film, it didn't make or break anyone's film career, but it was a good time at the movies. And when you're a teenager that's pretty much all you can ask for. So, when I heard about the series From Dusk Til Dawn I wasn't that thrilled. Then I saw Eiza Gonzalez and I was totally fine with it.

If you haven't gotten to lay eyes on Eiza Gonzalez then I feel kind of lucky for you because this will be your introduction to her. Eiza Gonzalez in a bikini is probably the greatest first introduction any of us will ever have. I get that we aren't really meeting her and if we did meet her, especially in a bikini, we'd probably pass out, but still if you've never seen Eiza Gonzalez what a great day for you. It's also a great day for the rest of us because we are also seeing Eiza Gonzalez in a bikini.

Frankly if you've seen Eiza Gonzalez for a million times or just a handful, seeing her in the bikini is going to be something none is will forget. Eiza Gonzalez in a bikini is something we will all want to store in our memory banks.

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Photo Credit: Instagram