Eiza Gonzalez Nippley Bombshell In An Extra Small Swimsuit

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aldo-vallon - December 12, 2018

Nobody say anything to Eiza Gonzalez, but I am fairly certain she went to that pool wearing a rug as a poncho. I don’t want her to feel embarrassed by having people point it out to her, because then she might leave, but I have a pretty good eye for recognizing rugs so I think I am right. I never thought this skill would ever actually be useful aside from going rug shopping with my girlfriend.

Maybe this was a tactical move by Eiza. By bringing her own rug with her she can throw it on the ground in order to lay claim to her home base. I mean, I’m not going to claim that setting up camp at a pool like you are at a music festival is high-class, but she is still a step above those urchins that are camping without a rug.

If Eiza was to hang up a couple of photos, maybe bring in a plant, she could really make that lounger look homey. If she got to that level it might even rival my own room. I have no plants and the only pool I have access to only appears when I clog the sink.




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA