Eiza Gonzalez Curves in Spandex Killing Friday

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bill-swift - June 9, 2017

Holy stretch pants and sports bra hotness, leering Batman. Eiza Gonzalez killed every tingling outlet in the Egotastic body with her hot body of visual allure in her cleavetastic Spandex top and tight bottoms revealing her post-gym perfect body. It's almost like she's naked, but wearing clothes. That doesn't make sense. She's also fried my brain.

Eiza dolled up is definitely sextastic, but dolled down in her workout gear looking especially busty yet lean, well, this is an en fuego moment of the highest order. Imagine the guy who gets to pretend he's not watching her do squats at the gym. Yes, I am that guy and I'm horrible at pretend. It's my main exercise routine after dragging myself there. In pops Eiza and the entire world makes sense. Damn, that body. Insane. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid