Egotastic! Tech Department Celebrates New Homepage Navbar With Swimming Pool Party

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bill-swift - February 24, 2012

(When the computer nerds in our office get to celebrating, they go just a little bit nuts. God bless each and every one of those lonely young men in the back room and their  unwitting attempt to set a world record for continuous nights without female companionship.)

One of my longstanding personal dreams, even older than the one I have where I make love to Miranda Kerr with my two gargantuan phalli, is to be able to find honest work for each and every one of my under-employed and/or recently paroled extended family members. In this vein, today we began an effort to offer complementary dude related subject matter on the site, including Tech and Gadgets, Video Gaming, Sports, TV and Film, and Humor. Over the next days and weeks, my extended bloodline, such that they can prove so with genetic testing, will be populating these new channels with content which you hopefully find enjoyable, or you can feel free to ignore.

Before you forbode (or maybe that's forebade, or just forecast) 2012 type apocalyptic catastrophe and injured inner-child emotions, all the hot and sexy and often quite nekkid celebrities are staying right where they are on the homepage. For those who happen to like the bare skin, I invite you to use the All-Stars navbar if you haven't before as it sorts all that out for you.  

We're working on additional functional improvements, including comments and feedback directly on the site, but that is one more swimming pool party away. The nerds will only work so hard for heads of lettuce and old 80's BETA porn tapes. 


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