Harley Quinn And The Hotties Of DC Comics Movies (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016


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Suicide Squad comes out this Friday and I for one am really excited. Yes, I've been looking forward to the movie and hope beyond hope that it will finally break DC out of the funk they've been in. One of the main things I'm looking forward to seeing is Margot Robbie in her Harley Quinn costume. Short shorts, a tight-shirt, and pig tails. Oh yes. But she isn't the only sexy character that has appeared in the last few years in DC Comics' movies and TV shows. It started a few years ago with Halle Berry in that killer Catwoman costume. Nothing like skin tight leather to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. But let's not forget about Melissa Benoist in that skimpy skirt as Supergirl on the TV show. She's the main reason for that show's success and cult following. And last but not least is Gal Gadot in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. She represents the culmination of my original love, Lynda Carter in the Wonder Woman TV show from the early 80's. 

So, we thought we'd put together some of the best clips of these hotties of DC as we wait for Suicide Squad with bated breath.