Early Look: Joe Rogan’s Magically Demonic Inked Interview

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bill-swift - July 18, 2013

(photo credit: Bradley Meinz)

Joe Rogan questions everything. He does. So much so that he's got a new SyFy show called exactly that: Joe Rogan Questions Everything. You get the idea. He wants answers.

The fine folks over at Inked Magazine gave us an exclusive first look at next month's interview with the constantly cross-examining comic. He starts like all good armchair (or in his case arm-bar) philosophers, by examining himself. He asks:

Is he that dickhead from Fear Factor or is he the guy that makes these psychedelic YouTube videos? Who is this dude? People have a problem with someone who has varied interests.

It's true. Rogan's obviously much more than mere funny man, mere psychonaut, or mere MMA announcer, he's got ideas. And more questions. His new show has him running around with 'unfuckable white dudes' or pedantic middle-aged men as they explore the supernatural. Of these weird old guys, he explains:

I will give every subject the seriousness and open-mindedness that it deserves. Unfortunately, as time goes on I'm finding that a lot of them don't deserve it. A lot of these are what I call unfuckable white dudes. That's how we've been describing a lot of the 'believers.' A lot of them are men who are 50 years old and who have a great deal of knowledge about these particular subjects but are not looking at them objectively and not looking at all the possibilities, like the possibility that what they're dealing with is total bullshit. It's kind of unfortunate because there are a lot of real mysteries in this world, but these folks are really attached to these fringe ideas.

While he's at it, he wants everyone to know that he thinks MMA is superior to boxing:

MMA for sure is more of a realistic contest, more of a realistic test as far as using the body in martial arts competition... If you took Floyd Mayweather today and made him fight against your average college wrestler, that college wrestler is going to shoot on him, pick him up, drop him on his head, and knock him out. There's nothing that Floyd can do about it. He's going to get knocked out by getting slammed on his head. A judo guy would do the same thing to him. A jujitsu guy would strangle him, no question about it.

Since he's such a polymath, maybe he can work all of those interests in to one show? Joe Rogan's Unf*ckable White Dudes Fighting Floyd Mayweather After They All Eat DMT-soaked Pig Scrotum. We'd pay to see that, actually.