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bill-swift - April 6, 2016

My future promise wife Edita Vilkeviciute is now matching her genetically blessed statuesque good looks with the moves of a veteran model who's just coming into understanding her true alluring potential. The sextastic Lithuanian model shows at twenty-seven she's grown into her epic body and now is ready to flaunt it all grown up lady style, as in this seductive bit of visual storytelling in Porter magazine.

When Edita melts ice across her body and bares her tight cheeks to the world, you begin to understand the true power packed into her fine female form. This fashion model doesn't need any clothing to sell her product. If she weren't almost certain to be my bride one day once we clear only eleven more hurdles such as her unblocking my emails and alerting Interpol to my presence, we are going to be so happy and pretty much naked all the time. You will need to keep working, Edita. I've become accustomed to a certainly upscale lifestyle that might even mean you take on an evening job at the corner market. I'm sure you understand. We can still text while you're there, provided I'm not napping. We will be so happy together. Bring the ice. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Porter Magazine