EARLY LOOK: Jennifer Aniston Gets Flirty With Marie Claire

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bill-swift - June 14, 2011

You know I have a rather abundant collection of women's magazines delivered to the door of my pied-à-terre each month; one of the surprise hits is the super girl nail salon favorite, Marie Claire, which not only teaches me several ways to brighten up my kitchen with new faux-drapes, but also get the celebrity hotties to legitimize their estrogen cred among the female readership. So, you get pretty pictures, though not always super sexy.

Still, Jennifer Aniston is a young 40-something just now coming into her own I think. The eternal-bridesmaid-never-a-bride has yoga'd and perhaps Dr. 90210'd her body into a really nice bit of mature hottie naughty, and with expectations of seeing Jennifer lingerie-clad, if not topless (as she claims) in her next couple of movies, she's one Hollywood powerhouse to keep an eye on in 2011. Or two eyes. Enjoy.