E3 2016: Is That You, ‘God of War’? You Look Different Somehow

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chris-littlechild - June 17, 2016

  Nintendo, as we know, are kind of the black sheep of the video game family. They’re like a cutesy kid-friendly version of your creepy uncle who was caught doing that thing with goats’ wangs. While a lot of modern gaming is about tech specs, photo-realism and 60fps, the house of Mario isn’t too assed about any of that.  

They seem to live solely on their big names, with an iconic cast that no other publisher can match. I remember reading that Mario is more recognisable worldwide than Mickey Mouse, and that’s a hell of a thing right there.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t big names elsewhere, natch. It’s just, as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale showed, Sony’s roster is a little limp in comparison. Still, Kratos is the kind of angry bastard who’ll always make his voice heard.

The latest instalment in the violencetastic hack-and-slash series God of War got an airing at E3. It finds our ol’ buddy Kratos, with a studly new beard, training his boy in the art of hunting. This is a real new direction for the franchise, very Tomb Raider reboot-ish with its survival elements and such.

The whole wanging-a-giant-troll-in-the-kneecaps-with-a-magical-glowing-hammer thing? That, we’ve seen before.

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