E3 2015: ‘Godzilla’ Hits PS4, Tokyo Craps Collective Pants

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chris-littlechild - June 19, 2015

Ah, Godzilla. What is it about this huge scaly bastard we love so much? Presumably all the same things that capture our imagination in Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone movies: firepower, mass destruction, explosions freaking everywhere and general badassery. Studly Ego-dudes like you and I can't resist a little of that, and Godzilla delivers them in spades.

Sure, the king of the kaiju has made his missteps in the past. There've been camp Hollywood redesigns, wanky Jamiroquai soundtracks and all the rest of it. His track record where video games are concerned has sucked pretty damn bad too. But his latest is finally hitting the West, and it's time to have us a big ol' E3 2015 ogle at it.

Now, we're not expecting convoluted Da Vinci Code-esque plotting here. This is no place for cliffhangers, sudden plot twists and character development. What do we want from a Godzilla game? Huge freaking monsters fighting each other and/or the military, that's what we want. And we're in luck.

Your main objective as 'zilla is to destroy each of Tokyo's Energy Generators, absorb the resulting G-Energy and become increasingly bigger and stronger. But aside from this, the main draw lies in the battles. The character roster is impressive, with every kaiju from Hedorah to the really-kinda-shit Jet Jaguar represented. Everyone can throw down with everyone else, and while it's probably craptacular it sure makes for an impressive light show. Take a look:

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