Dwyane Wade Really Wanted to Congratulate Mario ‘Mother F’ing’ Chalmers

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michael-garcia - June 21, 2012

Mario Chalmers was a huge reason that the Miami Heat were able to put away the Oklahoma City Thunder in game four last night. He poured in 12 crucial points in the fourth quarter, a couple buckets coming in the final minute when LeBron James was out with cramps.

Chalmers doesn't usually get a lot of respect, which is what happens when you're a role player with Miami's 'Big Three.' So after Chalmers' clutch performance, Dwyane Wade wanted to let him know just how happy he was about it. Chalmers walks down the tunnel smiling, followed moments later by a pumped up Wade, who either didn't know or didn't care that ABC cameras and microphones were live in the tunnel.

D-Wade screams out 'Mario MF'ing Chalmers, MF'er!' as the broadcast team was finishing up the telecast. Well played, Dwyane, well played.

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