Now Dwight Howard Says He Would Sign Long Term with the Lakers

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2012

See that picture? I chose it because this whole Dwight Howard thing is like a roller coaster and D12 and Chewbacca hanging at Disneyworld seems to sum this whole thing up right now.

Howard originally made it clear that the only team he would sign an extension to play for was the Brooklyn Nets. Some reports suggested that Dwight didn't want to go the Lakers because he didn't want to follow the same career path as Shaquille O'Neal, who started with the Magic then went to L.A. (where he won three titles by the way). spoke to sources who said that now Howard is excited to play for L.A. and would sign with the Lake Show AFTER the season. Why would they believe that? 

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak isn't dumb. He knows that if he's giving up Andrew Bynum, who would go to Cleveland in the three team swap to make the deal work, he needs Howard to sign an extension before he makes the trade. Howard has shown that he will change his mind in a quick second during this whole drawn out process.

The Lakers would be the favorites to come out of the Western Conference if they make this happen. Howard could get labeled a winner finally, and Kobe Bryant would have a solid chance to match the six championships to equal Michael Jordan. Supposedly Howard had some hangups about what his role would be in L.A. where he wouldn't be 'the man.'

RealGM's sources say that Howard has moved on from that thinking and is 'excited' about the chance to be a big part of a team that can compete for a title right away.

Is it better to be 'the man' and never win, or be part of a great team and possibly win multiple championships? Of course not. Guys are measured by championships won, whether they like it or not.  And if Dwight desires to be the number one guy, well Kobe has said (though I don't believe it) that he may be done in two years. If that actually happened, then Dwight would become the face of the franchise in L.A.

Whatever happens, I just hope it happens soon so we can awaken from the Dwightmare.

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