Dove Cameron Bares Midriffs

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michael-garcia - October 24, 2016

Unbelievably gorgeous Dove Cameron shows off her bare midriff and gives us a peek in this sexy shoot for Bello Magazine. Dove is a Disney Channel girl who is all grown up now. And boy did she develop well. She's got a spectacular pair of chichis that look amazing peeking through her shirt. There is nothing like the tease of a bra peek through an opening in a hot girl's clothes. Then there is the flesh we can clearly see: her killer midriff. It is toned and tight and oh so satisfying. A woman's bare midriff is a greatly underestimated part of a woman's anatomy. There is nothing like the toned abs of a woman in really good shape. It makes life worth living.

Dove Cameron has a bright career ahead of her. Hell, I'd cast her and just put her in the background of scenes as eye candy. That she can also act is a bonus. 


Photo Credit: Bello Magazine

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